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    About me.

    I am a South African currently living in Vietnam. I am a part-time ESL teacher looking to explore my passion for writing. I have a degree in English and History and have always enjoyed writing. I am at the start of my content writing journey and looking to continue on this journey of becoming a professional writer.

  • My work

    A teacher and aspiring writer.

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    ESL Teacher

    VUS English Center.

    I have worked as an English teacher at VUS in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 2018-2021. I teach students from the ages of 5- 20 years old. I am teaching online at the moment.

    You can find more information about my career history in my LinkedIn Profile link below.

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    My Portfolio

    This is all of my writing work from the beginning of my course to the end. It showcases my journey as a writer. There is a link to it under the heading 'PORTFOLIO.'


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    My Blog


    Take a look at some of my articles where I talk about travel and personal stories. There is a link to it under the heading 'BLOG'.



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    The Write Path Writing Development Program


    This is the innovative 12-week course where I started my content writing journey. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to begin their writing journey. You can find a link to the website under the heading 'THE WRITE PATH.'


  • Contact me

    If you are interested in working together to create great content, please contact me here.

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